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Epic win, dude! Love how you make fun of such things, like Shadow and new Sonic's green eyes. XD This beats all of the other Sonic spoofs here on Newgrounds together!

This doesn't work for me

I think your animation is fantastic, and I can understand people admire and appreciate your videos still for the mere reason of getting some popcorn action. But I feel like my appreciation for the series has been raped. I thought it was pretty bad in the two last ones - especially the one before this one. But now you're really pushing it for me (again, this is MY opinion). All you who loves this; more power to you. But let me explain to all of you, including the artist, why this felt too much for me. Try to take my points in without attacking me for having my own opinion, if that's not too much to ask for.

Hank as a monster... I don't get it. For me, the whole point of these Madness videos were to see a completely regular human of exquisite skills kill of a whole lot of bad guys with nothing else than the weapons he has, including his fists at some times. Now, with the crab-arm even getting it's own fist attached to Hank, and him being huge with a short forehead and that metal-chin, looking primitive, is just... silly. He looks stupid. Only reason I watched this, was because I was waiting in vain for Hank to return to his normal self. But on top of everything, he is teaming up with someone else, which makes absolutely no sense. Yes, I know that dude and his friend helped Hank to get revived - but it's still out of character. Hank is a loner, fighting for his own. He is not supposed to be a oversized monster-monkey with a crab-arm. At least not to me. I've been trying for so long to understand why you decided to go into this really obscure direction when you released Madness Inundation. Jesus is the new main character in that one, which ruined the whole point. It was basicly a spin-off. And then we had Madness Aggregation; where there's two new extremely lame and uninteresting guys. Even Madness Consternation started to get too weird - mostly for the ending, and the fact he is spending more time running away from a monster rather than trying to kill as many henchmen as possible.
I don't know; maybe I've been growing out of it. I just preferred when you didn't try to make it deviating from the source of it. I admire mindless action; but this is getting out of hand. I'm sorry, but... I am disappointed. I miss the old Hank, and I miss him fighting on his own against impossible forces. Like Madness Antipathy, and all of the Madness videos before that. We just see him beat the living shit out of tons of henchmen to badass music as he chases the final boss he fights in the end of the episode, and maybe somewhere in the middle briefly as well. Yeah; honestly, Madness Antipathy would be what I would call your true masterpeice among everything you've made considering Madness overall. It was your "Beethoven's 5th". You might want to continue doing the Madness episodes the way you do them now, but... for me, Madness is everything but Madness nowadays. And that's my honest opinion. I respect people for disagreeing - but I thought it was worth to let others now properly what some (at least me) considerto be the point of everything... even though it's literally meant for madness as that's what it called, but still.

You're a good animator though. Do what you feel is right. If you wanna ignore my words, then fine. But I wrote this in case you will consider it a thought. Thanks for your time if you read this. :)

Same category as JP3?

Don't get me wrong, I mostly loved this review a lot, but... Jurassic Park 3 is by far better than this movie - come on. AvP insults all us real fans of the franchises. There's nothing redeeming about it whatsoever.

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Okay, here's my opinion

I will share with you my honest and constructive thoughts about this. I don't believe in just praising something for the heck of it. But first I need to tell about the bugs I noticed. First of all, some objects you walk in front of can at very few times cover you, like if they were in front of you, which isn't affecting the gameplay; it's just a little distracting. But one bug that really annoys me, is one that all of a sudden when you are on a new screen, Gretel all of a sudden can't move, and you can't check your inventory list. After trying everything the first time, I realized I could get out of it by checking the map and go back again.

Now for the actual review. I will start with the good parts.
The look of this game is still very beautiful and nice (although, I find the tangles that comes to cover the big pit are a little sloppy made). The humor is there, which is nice and dark in it's own way. The music might not be among the most memorable; but it's enjoyable, and very variating. And I like how you made it all in the woods, which made the game capable of being so huge. And one thing I found really cool, was the ability to buy items by a weirdo in the woods. Makes it sort of feel like an RPG.
Now for the more negative parts.
I will say this straight out - the damn is WAY too cryptic at times. Even though the first part was hard as well, the puzzles weren't too close to impossible to figure out. I will give an example of a cryptic riddle (spoiler alert). When you are over at the white tree with the eyes, it shows you can grab the roots . but Gretel can't grab them appearantly, as they get down again, like rubber. So naturally, I thought I had to find something to pick them up with. I didn't. So, after trying and trying and trying, I did something I never, EVER do - I checked the walkthrough at this part. And it turned out you have to not-drag each one of the four roots three times, in order to make a chest appear. Seriously, who would figure that out? You will only notice this through darn luck, if you find it interesting enough to constantly try to pull the roots up in vain (spoiler ends). And there's a lot of unfair puzzles in the game, like this one. I've been trying to do as much of the game as possible without using the walkthrough - but at least 3 of the puzzle parts, I simply could not do by myself.
Something else I wasn't very fond of either, was the lack of charm the first game had. While I said the music is nice and variated, it just isn't even close to be as charming as in the first game. There wasn't as much music in the first game; but damn, did it leave an impression. And I don't get it as much here. There's also lots of weird stuff added in that makes it feel like anything but the Hansel and Gretel tale. Like the living tree who wants you to eat vegetables to die by branches growing out of you for some weird reason, or like the witch in ice. But the animals and other characters, I didn't mind. I just think there were some uneeded stuff. The part were Gretel's face gets stolen and you control one of the fairies was a little forced, honestly, and didn't feel either fun or interesting.

So, did I like the game? Yes. You can tell there's a LOT of hard work behind it. It's by far among the better online games. But if you compare it to the first game, it's just not the same. If the puzzles weren't so cryptic, and if the music was better, I would say it would have almost as good as the first one. But one last thing I really, really miss from the first game they would have to add in here to make it as good, is the ability to toss pebbles again.
But as said, it's a good game - not just as fantastic, cousy and charming as the first was.

Great, at start anyway

I loved the atmosphere and the puzzling at the beginning. You walk around and really work hard to use your brain. But then comes a sequence where you run with the family, and trying to collect stuff as you try to survive, and it doesn't properly explain how. I have no idea how I collect the marbles at the running part. I am sorry, but I had to quit after that. I simply couldn't get past that stage.

I liked it the first time, but...

Sorry, but I get pretty bored at this game. Adventure mode on very easy is like on very hard in the original game (accept for the ordinary fights, where the computer here practicly do nothing). Good sprite and animations, though. But nothing to brag about. If you wanna learn how to get better on making the fights; talk to the creators of Newgrounds Rumble.

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You made my absolute favorite track from the very first Mario Party even more awesome! I like how you really didn't try to alter or change it. You sort of just gave it a bit "spice", which is all it really could possibly need.

Solid 10 of 10 to your awesome track. This is perfect. :)

Sorrow-316 responds:

Why thank you for your review! its nice to see people still reviewing nowadays

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